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Worship Times

Morning Service                    10 45 a.m.

Evening Service                      6 00 p.m.

Evening Services will take place on the first and third Sundays of the month only at 6 00 pm in the Church Hall.  On the first Sunday of the month, it will be a traditional service which will include Communion.  The third Sunday evening will be more informal and will take the format of worship and discussion.  There will be NO evening services on the second, fourth or fifth Sundays of the month.

The  children join the congregation for about 25 minutes of the  morning service and then go into Junior Church for their own time of  learning, worship and activities.  Church Parades take place four times a  year which are attended by the 1st Roxeth Beavers, Cubs and Scouts who  are sponsored by the church.  All the Junior Church children over 7  years stay in the sanctuary for these services.

Junior Church

Junior  Church is divided into three age groups 3 - 7 years,  7 - 11 years and  11 - 14 years.  Each group is led by a dedicated teacher and assisted  by a rota of willing  helpers from the congregation.  Children are  welcome in our church and are encouraged to feel comfortable within the  church environment.

Style of Worship

Our  style of worship at the morning services is relatively traditional to a  Baptist Church, but we are open to variations and change.  We mostly  use 'Songs of Fellowship' for our worship songs and hymns and  occasionally 'Baptist Praise and Worship'.  We also project all the  words on to a screen at the front of the church.  Our pew bibles are the  New International Version and the Bible Reading each week is read by a  member of the congregation who is encouraged to use this version of the  bible so that the fellowship can easily follow it.  Our singing is  accompanied by our talented organist either on the organ or piano.  At  present we have a number of enthusiastic singers who enjoy praising the  Lord in song but we lack instrumental musicians to accompany us.  We  would welcome anyone who is able to play a musical instrument,  particularly the piano, keyboard or guitar to share in our Sunday  worship.

Our evening worship is less  formal and numbers attending are much lower, therefore the services take  place in the church hall rather than the sanctuary but nothing is lost  in the worship.

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