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Minister - Reverend Brian Bishop

Our present Minister and Pastor is Reverend Brian Bishop who was inducted on Saturday 2 March 2013.

Brian was born and brought up in a non-Christian home in Swindon, Wiltshire. In his teens he met some Christians at school who mad a positive impression on him just at the point at which he was wondering about the meaning of life. Keen to know more, he went with them to the youth group at a local Anglican church, St Augustine's. Not long after, whilst reading about the Crucifixion in the Gospels, Brian recognised his need for forgiveness and salvation, and asked Jesus into his life.

In the 30 plus years since that time, God has led Brian into ministry via Northumbria Bible College, Operation Mobilisation, South Africa, Spurgeon's College and Regents Park College in Oxford. He

was part of a church plant in Swindon, then an 'in Pastorate Training' student in the Cotswolds. He then became the Minister of Longfleet Baptist Church, Poole, Dorset where he remained for eight years until joining South Harrow Baptist Church.

Brian's particular passions are encouraging those who already know Jesus as their Saviour to live that faith and experience out in their day-to-day situations; sharing the good news of Jesus with anyone who will listen; and serving the local community of whichever church he is minister as a way of demonstrating God's love for that community. From joining local councillors at their regular surgery sessions to being a school governor, Brian has sought to 'be Jesus' to those who have no connections to the church as well as a faithful Pastor and Minister to those in the regular congregation.

Brian is joined by his wife, Anne, who was brought up in a Christian home in Surrey but whose walk with God really only took off when she went to university and was challenged as to the reality of her faith. During her career Anne has worked in small businesses, manufacturing and public relations agencies. She is currently involved in Christian projects and developing a small business, which imports Fair Trade soft toys from Sri Lanka.

Brian and Anne have no children but they do have godchildren to keep them young .... or give them grey hairs, depending on your point of view. They also have a much loved kitty, Tilly, who will make you all welcome when you go to the Manse.

We continue to pray for Brian and Anne in their ministry at South Harrow Baptist Church.

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